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“Selling the Fundraising U ticket over the last 10 years, on average, we make anywhere from 13 to 16 thousand dollars.”
Todd Reed
  • At Fayetteville High School, we have worked hard to become one of the top football programs in Arkansas. I have been coaching football for 23 years and in that time I have been a part of a ton of fundraisers. The fundraisers we run have a direct correlation on the success of our program and Fundraising University is the best fundraising company I have worked with. Working with many previous discount card fundraising companies, I raised almost $19,000 every year. It was like clockwork and so amazing that we never really did much more or much less every year. I tried everything to raise more including making my own card and buying cards online that looked like a good deal. My perception was that we $19,000 was all we were ever going to raise.

    When Fundraising University approached me and told me that we should be raising over $30,000 I was admittedly skeptical but decided to give them a try. They were right! Our first year we raised over $24,000 and then $35,000 the second year with Fundraising University. Why? I came to realize that we were selling the same old card with the same old discounts, and the same old rep. Our sales were not growing and our effort indicated that we weren’t trying either.

    Fundraising University was engaged in the process from the beginning. We ran the fundraiser much like I run my program with much of the preparation happening well before the fundraiser kicked off. The best part is that I actually worked less for this fundraiser than any of the other fundraisers. The Fundraising University rep did most of the work and coached me on my part of the fundraiser.

    Additionally, the Discount Card we sold was much better. The card had better discounts, local and nation deals, access to the discounts through my phone and it was customized to our team.

    I would highly recommend Fundraising University to any coach that is looking to help raise the status of their program. The funds they help to raise have made such a difference for us.

    Daryl Patton
    Head Coach
    Fayetteville High School Football

  • Working with Fundraising University has been a blessing. We have been able to raise much needed funds for our program, but we have done so in a way that is consistent with what we already do.! We have high expectations of our student/athletes; on a daily basis we hold them accountable for these expectations (on and off of the court).!We require our players to communicate, we get them outside of their comfort zones, we expect that they work as a team and they buy into the team, and most importantly we expect them to compete—everything that we do is competitive.!We don”t believe that winning is the most important thing BUT we do believe that wanting to win and doing everything that you can possible do to win ARE the most important things in this world.!Fundraising University”s program enhances all of these things and the best part is that we have been (for 2 years straight) able to raise over $200 per player in our program without much of a time requirement from our coaching staff.

    Mark Rabbitt
    Head Boys” Basketball Coach
    Blue Valley Southwest High School

  • Coaches,

    As a wrestling coach, I understand how hard it is for our programs to get all of the items that we need in order to compete at a high level. With the help of Kyle Johnson and Fundraising University, our wrestling team at York has been able to get all of our “wants” year in and year out!

    We have worked with Kyle for three years and every year the results have gotten better. We have sold cookie dough and it is a simple, easy process for the head coach. I would recommend going through Kyle and Fundraising University for all of your fundraising needs.

    For example, in the last three years we have been able to purchase the following items through our fundraiser:

    50 sets of Under Armour sweats used for warm ups
    20 new Adidas finals singlets
    40 Under Armour bags
    Coaches apparel for our wrestling staff
    50 pairs of “fight shorts” as part of our warm-ups
    150 team schedule posters for our team
    As you can see, working with Kyle Johnson and Fundraising University can really help your program out. Like all of you, we have many outside obligations (teaching, coaching other sports, family, etc.) that can’t require us to put a lot of time into fundraising activities. With Fundraising University, most of the work is done by Kyle Johnson and your athletes. I would strongly encourage you to talk to Fundraising University on how they can help you today.

    Chad Mattox
    Head Wrestling Coach
    York Public Schools

  • In 23 years of coaching at the high school level I know first hand how tight budgets can be. I have been a part of many fundraising endeavors over the years ranging from labor auctions and golf tournaments to pancake feeds. Although all of these events proved to be profitable, they were also extremely labor intensive and logistically challenging.

    Deciding to work with Fundraising University has been one of the best decisions we have ever made. Our tickets have been widely supported throughout our community and a very good money maker year in and year out. Mike, Bobby and Kyle have been extremely professional and a true pleasure to work with.

    From a football coach’s perspective, fundraising has never been so easy and productive. I would highly recommend Fundraising University to any program looking to raise money.

    Jeff Tomlin
    Head Football Coach
    Grand Island Sr. High

  • As a cheerleading coach, I am often looking for a fundraiser that will be an effortless moneymaker. Because the girls foot the entire bill for their uniforms, it is also important to find a product that literally sells itself.

    With Fundraising University and Kyle Johnson, I have found just that. Delightfully simple, our cookie dough fundraiser was a huge hit. Our nine girls easily outsold their previous goals, and some girls even earned enough money to pay entirely for their uniforms and camp!

    With blitz night and the incentives afterwards, our girls and their parents have already asked for this same fundraiser next year. Pleasing our parents is always a huge accomplishment. Plus, I don’t really feel like I did any work at all. Kyle was always present, always communicative, and always knowledgeable.

    It was painless. Kyle was accessible. The product is worthwhile. The girls were successful. For us, things just don’t get much better than that.

    Becky Thumann
    Cheerleading Sponsor
    Schuyler Central High School

  • Working with Fundraising University has been the best move I’ve made as a coach when it comes to raising funds for our baseball and softball programs. Their program provides great products for our athletes to sell, and their staff educates our athletes on how to sell the products better. Additionally, every member of their staff has background as former athletes. They know what incentives motivated them as former players, and they share that insight to help motivate our athletes to strive for better things for our program. A relationship with Fundraising University is a no-brainer!

    Aaron Holst
    Head Baseball/Softball
    Excelsior Springs High School

  • Kyle Johnson was very thorough and clear with how the process at Fundraising University works. We implemented skills that make you successful on the court and in the real world. It didn’t take much of our time during the season and it was a tremendous benefit from start to finish. Due to the profits raised from our cookie dough fundraiser, our girls are able to go to summer camps that otherwise would have been a huge hit in their family’s pockets. Fundraising University has left a positive impacts on our program!

    Andy Imus
    Head Coach Girls Basketball
    Friend High School
    Friend, NE

  • Fundraising University, Thank you for getting us involved with your fundraising program! Kyle was very professional to deal with and did everything he promised and more. We made twice the money that Kyle had predicted and it was half the work that I was anticipating. The cookies that we sold were outstanding in quality and we have people asking us when we are going to sell them again. We look forward to working with Fundraising University for years to come.

    K. C. Hehnke
    Head Girls Softball Coach
    Grand Island Senior High
    Grand Island Scorpions Softball

  • We have been a loyal customer with Fundraising University for the past 6 years. They will remain our source for fundraising for years and years to come. They are friendly and professional to our coaches, players, and customers. They also have a great relationship with the companies that support us through the sponsoring of our cards. They go above and beyond any fundraising company that I have ever dealt with to make sure that we have all the support and means necessary to reach our goal each and every year. Fundraising University was not the first company that we used, but they will definitely be the last.

    Coach Kurt Frenzen
    Columbus Lakeview High School

  • This is our first year to work with Fundraising University and Mike Bahun and the Shiloh Christian Baseball Team is very excited to be a part of this group. We already had our planned our fundraiser for this season and Mike shows up at our school and gives me the information that Fundraising University can do. At first I was a little unsure that we could reach the goal he said we could reach. Our previous fundraiser profited around $3500, so I told him I wanted to make around $5000.

    Mike trained me to attack this fundraiser like I do my baseball team, to push them, hold them accountable, and make it competitive. We just happen to be Back to Back 4A Arkansas State Champions so being competitive is very important to us. My assistant coaches and captains took off and challenged the team and we were very successful. This is a 7 day deal and we talked about it every day. I gave rewards in conditioning if the guys were on target to reach their goal. The prizes and incentives that Fundraising University has in place is perfect to encourage our boys. This year’s fundraiser made a profit of $8.856 and next year we will make over $10,000. Thank you Mike and Fundraising University.

    Jimmy Harris
    Shiloh Christian Baseball

  • I am writing to recommend Fundraising U and Chris Miller. I have seen it all in the world of fundraising in my 25 years coaching baseball. I have first-hand knowledge that high school boys don’t do a great job when asked to sell stuff. The alternative is for the coach and the parents to do all the work. The fundraiser we just did with Chris was different. The players did all the work and they brought in over a $9,000 profit in 7 days for our program. This fundraiser is very systematic and if you follow the Fundraising U system that Chris walks you through step by step – your program wins!

    I have spent 20 times more hours with fewer results in raising money in the past. This is a no brainer. The product is good and the results speak for themselves.

    Rick Harig
    Head Baseball Coach
    Fairview High School

  • When Mike Bahun began talking to me about the cash possibilities that Fundraising University could possibly bring to our program, I was a little skeptical. We just wrapped up a magazine fundraiser and only made a $400 profit for our efforts. It was a typical effort by high school boys! Mike explained the program very well and was there every step of the way with us. The motivation during the kickoff was incredible. The guys were ready to start selling at that moment. They turned the process into a competition between the guys and there were several incentives for the players. We are a fairly small town and we sold over 800 cards!! Our team profited a little over $300 per player and ended up with a total team profit of approximately $10,000. UNBELIEVABLE! The best part was that I didn’t have to do much during the whole process. Fundraising University did all the hard work for me. I was extremely satisfied with the program and will use them again in the future.

    Bill Sullivan
    Head Baseball Coach
    Frontenac High School
    Frontenac, Kansas

  • Fundraising University and Matt Bahun did an unbelievable job from beginning to end with our fundraiser. We were amazed with professionalism and service we received and Matt did an excellent job of motivating staff and athletes to work as a team and reach our fundraising goals. Fundraising U understands how to effectively use athletic principles to get the win. We highly recommend Matt and this organization for your fundraiser. It was so easy and at no point did it interfere with our coaching our guys.

    Skip Brock
    Head Boys Basketball Coach Athletic Director
    Mount Vernon High School Mount Vernon MO

What other coaches are saying…

“Every year we always raise several thousand dollars… It’s always been a success for us.”

“The best part of the fundraiser for us was the ease of how it was conducted and the timeline it was done.”

“We got a lot of new equipment and uniforms out of the deal we didn’t have to ask the school for that money.”