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"Selling the Fundraising U ticket over the last 10 years, we make anywhere from $13,000 - $16,000 a year on average."
Todd Reed - SMW Baseball

"They way the program is setup - it's easy for me as a coach to put it together and it makes it a lot easier on the kids."
Garrett Looney - Mountain Vista Football

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“The best part of working with Fundraising University was their attention to detail, their ability to run the program well, their ease to work with, and their attention to what you need.”
Coach Pratt
- High School Football

“The best part of the fundraiser for us was the ease of how it was conducted and the timeline it was done.”

Coach Fuller
- High School Football

“The best part of the Fundraising University fundraiser was the support and direction we had from our leader above us.”

Coach Reinsch
- High School Basketball

“Many years ago we needed to make our program immune to budget cuts, that’s what this does for us!”

Coach Webenga
- High School Soccer


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At Fayetteville High School, we have worked hard to become one of the top football programs in Arkansas. I have been coaching football for 23 years and in that time I have been a part of a ton of fundraisers. The fundraisers we run have a direct correlation with the success of our program and Fundraising University is the best fundraising company I have worked with. Working with many previous discount card fundraising companies, I raised almost $19,000 every year. It was like clockwork and so amazing that we never really did much more or much less every year. I tried everything to raise more including making my own card and buying cards online that looked like a good deal. My perception was that we $19,000 was all we were ever going to raise.

When Fundraising University approached me and told me that we should be raising over $30,000 I was admittedly skeptical but decided to give them a try. They were right! In our first year, we raised over $24,000 and then $35,000 the second year with Fundraising University. Why? I came to realize that we were selling the same old card with the same old discounts, and the same old rep. Our sales were not growing and our effort indicated that we weren’t trying either.

Fundraising University was engaged in the process from the beginning. We ran the fundraiser much like I run my program with much of the preparation happening well before the fundraiser kicked off. The best part is that I actually worked less for this fundraiser than any of the other fundraisers. The Fundraising University rep did most of the work and coached me on my part of the fundraiser.

Additionally, the Discount Card we sold was much better. The card had better discounts, local and national deals, access to the discounts through my phone and it was customized to our team.

I would highly recommend Fundraising University to any coach that is looking to help raise the status of their program. The funds they help to raise have made such a difference for us.

Coach Patton
- High School Football

In 23 years of coaching at the high school level, I know firsthand how tight budgets can be. I have been a part of many fundraising endeavors over the years ranging from labor auctions and golf tournaments to pancake feeds. Although all of these events proved to be profitable, they were also extremely labor-intensive and logistically challenging.

Deciding to work with Fundraising University has been one of the best decisions we have ever made. Our tickets have been widely supported throughout our community and are a very good money maker year in and year out. Bobby, Steve, and Tino have been extremely professional and a true pleasure to work with.

From a football coach’s perspective, fundraising has never been so easy and productive. I would highly recommend Fundraising University to any program looking to raise money.

Coach Tomlin
- High School Football


As a wrestling coach, I understand how hard it is for our programs to get all of the items that we need in order to compete at a high level. With the help of Tino Martinez and Fundraising University, our wrestling team at York has been able to get all of our “wants” year in and year out!

We have worked with Tino for three years and every year the results have gotten better. We have sold cookie dough and it is a simple, easy process for the head coach. I would recommend going through Tino and Fundraising University for all of your fundraising needs.

For example, in the last three years we have been able to purchase the following items through our fundraiser:

50 sets of Under Armour sweats used for warm-ups
20 new Adidas finals singlets
40 Under Armour bags
Coaches apparel for our wrestling staff
50 pairs of “fight shorts” as part of our warm-ups
150 team schedule posters for our team

As you can see, working with Tino Martinez and Fundraising University can really help your program out. Like all of you, we have many outside obligations (teaching, coaching other sports, family, etc.) that can’t require us to put a lot of time into fundraising activities. With Fundraising University, most of the work is done by Tino Martinez and your athletes. I would strongly encourage you to talk to Fundraising University on how they can help you today.

Coach Mattox
- High School Wrestling

Working with Fundraising University has been a blessing. We have been able to raise much-needed funds for our program, but we have done so in a way that is consistent with what we already do! We have high expectations of our student/athletes; on a daily basis we hold them accountable for these expectations (on and off of the court)! We require our players to communicate, we get them outside of their comfort zones, we expect that they work as a team and they buy into the team, and most importantly we expect them to compete—everything that we do is competitive! We don’t believe that winning is the most important thing BUT we do believe that wanting to win and doing everything that you can possibly do to win ARE the most important things in this world! Fundraising University’s program enhances all of these things and the best part is that we have been (for 2 years straight) able to raise over $300 per player in our program without much of a time requirement from our coaching staff.
Coach Rabbit
- High School Basketball

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