America's Leading Fundraising Program For High School Sports

  Raise more than you ever have before

  Relax while our fundraising coaches lead the fundraiser

  Turn your players into fundraising machines

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America's Leading
Fundraising Program
For High School Sports

  Raise more than you ever have before

  Relax while our fundraising coaches lead the fundraiser

  Turn your players into fundraising machines

Start Your Next Fundraiser Today

Fundraising Done The Right Way... The Easy Way.

We live in an era of smartphones and social media, yet many fundraising programs are still stuck in the stone age.

With Fundraising U, we arm your team with cutting-edge fundraising tools designed to generate more funds in less time.

Stop trying to motivate your players to fundraise with out-dated systems. Start a Fundraising U fundraiser and see how easy and fun it is for your players.

Athletic programs aren’t cheap to run or participate in, and all too often the financial burden keeps athletes from taking part. We put a stop to that by helping high school sports programs generate the funds needed to pay for uniforms, travel, equipment, and more.

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“The best part of working with Fundraising University was their attention to detail, run the program well, easy to work with, and attentive to what you need.”
Coach Pratt
- High School Football

“Many years ago we needed to make our program immune to budget cuts, that’s what this does for us!”

Coach Webenga
- High School Soccer
“The best part of the fundraiser for us was the ease of how it was conducted and the timeline it was done.”
Coach Fuller
- High School Football

“The best part of the Fundraising University fundraiser was the support and direction we had from our leader above us.”

Coach Reinsch
- High School Basketball

How it Works



A No Fail Fundraiser

  • Meet your personal Fundraising University Coach
  • Strategize based on our proven formula
  • Pick the perfect product to match your team's goals




  • Kick it off with an energizing event and motivate students with top notch prizes.
  • Blitz the finish line and watch your students achieve their goal.
  • Receive the products and prizes directly from your Fundraising University Coach.




  • After the fundraiser, your expert Fundraising Coach will gather data and determine how to raise even more next time.
  • Watch your fundraisers get better year after year.


Why Fundraising U?

  • Raise The Most Money In The Shortest Time

    We've perfected our system over the past few years to give you a streamlined fundraising program that is guaranteed to raise more money in less time. No more praying and hoping you can afford new equipment or go to that out of state tournament. With Fundraising U, we'll get you to your goal.

  • Sit Back and Let Our Fundraising Experts
    Lead Your Fundraiser

    We come to you, in person. We aren't a hands-off company who expects you to do the heavy lifting. We get boots on the ground in the form of an expert Fundraising Coach that will be there to lead your fundraiser. Our Fundraising Coaches are fundraising machines and know how to get the job done at every level.

  • See how extra funds can help your team
    reach their dreams

    Many programs are held back by what they can and can't afford. What if you had an extra few thousand in the bank? What would that do for your program? With Fundraising U, we are in the business of seeing your team's dreams come true.



Coaching Matters A Non-profit for Coaches

Coaching Matters is a nonprofit foundation built to help coaches succeed. Coaches need help too and that is why Fundraising University established Coaching Matters.

Coaching Matters provides funds for coach training and education, funds for motivational awards programs, funds for student scholarships, coach recognition, and athlete recognition.

Read More

Step 1: Plan

Our dedicated fundraising coaches help your teams build fundraising plans, unique fundraising platforms, and train your athletes to be confident fundraising machines. Between our proven formula and our wide variety of products and services to sell, your athletes will raise more than ever before.

Your athletes will also have access to products that people want to buy. The fundraising coach will break the plan down into actionable goals and help your players stay motivated. Time tested products like gourmet cookie dough and seasonal treats still bring smiles, but our special sauce is found in a unique and exclusive process we run with our teams called the FundU Now Program.

Step 2: Execute

When your fundraising plan is solid and starts with clear expectations and incentives that are achievable and tangible for your students, they want to work for their fundraising. It puts the FUN back into the process.

Fundraising University provides the tools and the resources to keep your students motivated and target goals to hit and exceed. Beginning the fundraiser strongly helps your athletes stay focused on the end goal and blitz to the finish line, blowing their dreams out of the water.

Your Fundraising University coach delivers the prizes and purchased products to you and your students, and teaches them about the power of motivation and succeeding at their goals. During the fundraising process, your students learn valuable life skills that will help them in their futures, beyond school and sports.

Step 3: Repeat

With the success of this year’s fundraiser, you’ll never need to pursue another fundraising program, because our formula takes into consideration the needs of your customers. We work tirelessly to maintain products that people want to buy.

We work with you, your students, and their parents to create a fundraising experience that brings customers back ready to support your athletics program even after your students graduate.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of an Organized Fundraiser

We work with hundreds of sports teams to create the most potent fundraisers possible. Over the years, our process and flow has become like a well-oiled machine, streamlined and efficient at raising the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time.

Our system promises more money raised with a significantly shorter fundraiser season than traditional methods. We have Fundraiser Coaches that come to you and work with you in person. This helps to bring you and your teams up to speed with the best fundraising techniques and practices.

We help you get boots on the ground. Our Fundraising Coach doesn’t leave you and your teams high and dry. Our goal is to lead your fundraiser to greater heights than ever before. How would a more robust fundraising campaign help your athletics program?

Let Your Athletes Dream

Without the stress of funding, students and parents can focus more on practices, honing their skills, and chase their dreams. For many students, athletics is their primary path to college or the driving force behind their motivation. Financial hardships don’t need to be the reason for their success or failure.

Fundraising University is here to help you see your students achieve their dreams. Whether it’s new equipment or the cost of bussing to that State championship, make sure your team has everything they need to make it. A few extra hundred, or even a few thousand dollars in the bank would help in numerous ways.

We Help All High School Sports Teams Raise Fundraising Dollars

While most fundraising programs focus on football and basketball, there are likely several more sports involved in your school’s athletic program. Fundraising University has programs that will help your football and basketball teams just as much as your softball, baseball, dance, cheer, and other sports programs.

All sports have costs that are often overlooked. Athletes shouldn’t be held back from achieving their very best because the program expenses are more than they can afford.

Another benefit you’ll see from a vigorous fundraising campaign is a closer-knit community. Bringing people together through joint investment in local teams helps people stay connected to one another. Even in socially distanced times, providing fundraising products that people want to have will keep the community involved in the teams between seasons.

At Fundraising University, we’re a partner in your success. Seeing you achieve victory in your goals and paying for the things your team needs and wants most is what we live for. Fundraising goes more in-depth than selling wrapping paper. It builds a foundation of skills and connections that can’t be found in any other team activity. Contact us today to discuss your team’s fundraising needs.

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