High School Sports Fundraising Made Easy

When thinking about your high school sports program, the last thing you want to focus on is finances. As a coach, your goal is to develop your athletes both on and off the field/court. Unfortunately, budget always finds its way into the picture, and focus switches from the development of student-athletes to the necessary finances needed for their program. There are so many fees that need to be paid for high school sports. It definitely can become a distracting burden for both players and coaches. Organizing a fundraiser is extremely difficult to do, especially on top of coaching and playing a sport. Teams need to find a convenient way to pay for tournament fees, travel fees, equipment, and any other necessary payments to help their team succeed, without becoming a burden to everyone. It is never easy for coaches and parents to put money from their own pockets into teams they are already coaching. Unfortunately, this happens a lot more often than it needs to. Fundraising should not fall on the shoulders of the coach. 

Luckily, at Fundraising University, we can make this process easier and fun for everyone involved. Fundraising U handles the fundraising aspect of high school sports. We want players to play and coaches to coach. By taking control of the fundraising process, we allow players the freedom to set, reach and exceed the goals set for them. We want the process to be successful for you and your team as well as fun and competitive. We make high school sports fundraising fun! We are able to give your team a platform where they can earn their own success and continue to compete. 

The Difficulties of Fundraising and Coaching

Coaches are coaches, not fundraising experts.In a perfect world a coach should be focusing on coaching all the time. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Fundraising sometimes doesn’t let this happen. Coaches often become overworked with making sure their team has enough money to make it through the season. What is even worse is when that financial burden ends up impacting the team. Whether it be with poor equipment, missing out on tournaments, or travel costs. A coach deserves to put their players in the best positions to look and play great. There is no need for a coach to put more on their already full plate. Trying to scrape up the money for your team is a lot of extra stress,is distracting, and could amount to almost nothing for the team. Coaches and athletes should remain coaches and athletes. They shouldn’t have to worry about the finances of playing the sport they love.

How Fundraising University can Help

At Fundraising U, we ensure that teams reach their financial goals. We take control of the fundraising your team needs and empower players  to focus on their sport. We don’t want money to be the driving force behind your team’s success or failure. We are here to relieve teams of their financial burden so they can focus on the game. The more money players make fundraising, the less your team has to miss out on. Help your team look, feel and play better. The better a team feels, the more likely they are to translate that to their game.

Fundraising University has very particular steps to help your team succeed. 

Step 1: The first step is scheduling a meeting with us. 

We want to talk to the coach directly to figure out what the goals for their team are. The best part is, it only takes about 20 minutes! We want to understand what your team needs and figure the best options for how to get them there. This is a touch-base meeting that will benefit us and you!

Step 2: Kickoff event. 

We gather all your athletes together and get them pumped up and ready to sell. We want to make it as exciting as possible while letting the players know that they are in control of how much money the team receives. Then we equip your players to sell like professionals. With Fundraising U, student-athletes can accept payments digitally by just scanning a credit card on their phone. Simple as that! 

Step 3: Go out and Sell!

When customers buy with Fundraising University, they automatically have access to an app that gives them thousands of discount opportunities. The discounts and coupons can be accessed within seconds of the customer’s purchase. This should be a large selling point for your players.

Step 4: the Blitz

Once the players have been selling for a while, we introduce the Blitz. The Blitz is the final fundraising push. Have your players go out there and try to sell like crazy! The players who sell the most are awarded prizes and incentives! We want the competitive edge of athletics to continue in fundraising. 

Step 5: Repeat!

Do it all again next year! Year in and year out, Fundraising University brings money to your team. Whatever your team may need to look and play their best, Fundraising U will be here year in and year out to help your team reach their goals. 

Class is in Session at Fundraising U

Fundraising University is here to help your team financially. When a team has the tools to succeed, there’s no stopping them. If you are a coach and you and your team need assistance with the burdens of fundraising, look no further than Fundraising University. We make the process competitive, fun, and easy for everyone involved. We would love to see your team succeed. No matter what your sport is, every team deserves the right to play. We want to make sure this happens all across the country. Fundraising University is a business run by former players, coaches, and parents who understand the difficulties that come with team sports. Let Fundraising U, fund you! If you are interested in the success of your athletes, check us out.

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