Fundraisers are a necessary part of student life. They can fuel sports teams, special programs and entire schools. They shouldn’t be something administration, coaches, parents or students dread.

In fact, they should be the opposite. They should be the reason your students can achieve their dreams.

Fundraising University offers fundraising programs that students actually want to participate in, and customers in your community actual want to purchase from. Our proven methods match the right group with the right product during the right season, making our fundraisers an easy sell and an enjoyable buy.

What else? Your students get to take ownership. With the help of a local and specialized Fundraising University Coach, you will be able to motivate and reward your students for excelling in their fundraiser.

The best part? You are teaching your students how to inspire long-term, lasting change for your community. Whether your group raises money to improve a stadium, purchase new uniforms or upgrade equipment, reaching those goals will impact generations to follow.


How it Works