Powerful Baseball Fundraising for
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What Could Your Team Do
With Extra Cash?

What Could Your Team Do With Extra Cash?

  • Buy New Equipment & Perform at Higher Levels

    Finally afford to buy that updated equipment that will enhance your team's ability to win and beat your rivals.

  • Travel & Compete in Out of Town tournaments

    Don't worry about having the funds to pay for travel and out of town expenses. Our fundraisers are designed to help you pay for every need.

  • Pay For Meals and More

    Meals get expensive, we know. That's why we work to put more money in your pocket to pay for an entire season's worth of food for your team.

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Focus on winning and player development while your fundraising coach leads the fundraiser.


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Enjoy what happens when you have an excess of funds to spend on equipment, travel, and more...

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Raise the mOst Money in the Shortest Time

We've perfected our system over the past few years to give you a streamlined fundraising program that is guaranteed to raise more money in less time. No more praying and hoping you can afford new equipment or go to that out of state tournament. With Fundraising U, we'll get you to your goal.

Sit Back and Let Our Fundraising Experts Lead Your Fundraiser

We come to you, in person. We aren't a hands-off company who expects you to do the heavy lifting. We get boots on the ground in the form of an expert Fundraising Coach that will be there to lead your fundraiser. Our Fundraising Coaches are fundraising machines and know how to get the job done at every level.

See how extra funds can help your team reach their dreams

Many programs are held back by what they can and can't afford. What if you had an extra few thousand in the bank? What would that do for your program? With Fundraising U, we are in the business of seeing your team's dreams come true.


High School Baseball Fundraising

Baseball has held a special place in the hearts of our communities since the late 19th century. For generations, it has been considered America’s Sport and is also referred to as America’s Pastime. Take Me Out to the Ball Game is a very iconic song most everyone knows, and baseball is an essential sport for our American culture. Baseball fundraisers have been a part of the tradition since the game was introduced to the American school systems.

Athletics programs are expensive to maintain and keeping your field pitch ready and your players in tip-top shape for the game is essential. Don’t let a financial burden prevent you and your team from playing the game we all know and love. With Fundraising University, you’ll have access to fundraising specialists, tools, and resources that have never been available in traditional fundraising.

There’s a reason why classic fundraising brings frustration, disappointment, and low numbers. With Fundraising University, we’ve put in the research and data collection to streamline an efficient and effective fundraising formula. It works no matter what your goal is.

How Does Fundraising Benefit Us?

Many athletes cannot participate or cannot maintain their performance levels because of financial burdens. Whether that's the cost of baseball equipment, proper uniforms, or the costs for travel to out-of-state tournaments or away games, they find the responsibility to be too much. Many families struggle to pay for basic needs, let alone the costs of the athletics programs.

Fundraising takes much of the burden off of the students and their families and allows them to focus on the joy of the game and hone their skills.

The Fundraising University Process

Set a Goal for your High School Baseball Fundraiser

You and your team need to start with a goal. Setting realistic and useful financial goals has never been easier than with Fundraising University. You’ll get a customized fundraising plan to fit your team’s needs and cater to the products your community wants to buy.

Set your goals higher than before because, with the proven tactics that we use at Fundraising University, you’ll not only be able to afford basic team needs but buffer for additional opportunities throughout the baseball season.

Strategize Your Plan of Action

Together with your assigned Fundraiser Coach, you’ll plan for the best way to tackle your team goals and blow your fundraising campaign out of the water. Your Fundraising Coach will be with you during every step of the process. This helps keep your athletes motivated, focused, and moving forward.

You’ll have your bases covered with reliable product vendors and incentives that your students will want to work for. Fundraising Coaches will also help your students learn the techniques to gain the highest sales and engage with the most customers. Learning these skills in school gives them a step up on the business ladder when they move on to working outside of academics.

Hit Your Goals Out of the Park

Focus on winning and keeping your athlete’s eyes on the prize. Your Fundraising Coach will work with your students to help them engage with their community and steamroll their goals. Your Fundraising Coach leads every stage of the fundraiser, so you don’t have to stress about it.


With our fundraising formula, you can see this kind of success season after season. You’ll have people in your community looking forward to your fundraising season. We pride ourselves on building a strong relationship with our partner teams and their communities.

Contact us today to discuss your team’s goals and needs, and we’ll get you set up with a Fundraising Coach that will help your team hit a home run this fundraising season.

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