What is Fundraising U’s “Blitz” & How Can it Help My Program Raise More Money in Less Time?

a baseball player slides into home plate as the catcher catches the baseball
a baseball player slides into home plate as the catcher catches the baseball

Fundraising University is a business that takes the time and dedication to help teams reach their financial goals season after season. Through our process we can assure your team will make more money in less time. 

Through our services, we have grown strong relationships with teams that work with us year in and year out. Each year we grow to understand the program on a deeper level and can help the team make more money through their fundraising event. When a team works with Fundraising University for consecutive years, the process only gets easier and better. The coaches and players know the ropes and it makes the fundraising even more fun and competitive. The team is already excited to start their fundraising season because they know what lays ahead. They can strategize and compete harder to raise more money for their sports program and when coveted prized. 

Our process is not only fun and competitive for your student-athletes to participate in, but it is proven to help you raise more money in less time and a huge part of that is due to what we call The Blitz.

The Blitz – Raise More Money in Less Time

Blitz night is crucial to the success of the fundraising campaign. Blitz night is what helps players get over the mid-fundraising slump, motivating them to keep selling. 

During the Blitz, coaches, and players all rally together to hype one another up and award prizes for those who are selling the most. The more motivation that is put into the athletes, the more motivation they have to sell. Blitz night is one of the many traits that separates Fundraising University from other fundraising companies. The last push that hypes up your athletes and drives them to go out and sell 1 final time to reach your high school sports programs fundraising goal. 

Shawnee Mission West High School Annual Baseball Fundraiser

One of the many teams we have a strong connection Shawnee Mission West High School and their baseball team. We have been working with them for 12 years now. And in those 12 years, we have raised $150,000 for their baseball team. That money goes to equipment, improving facilities, tournament fees, travel costs, and whatever else the team may need. In working with them, Fundraising University has founded such a strong relationship with both the players and the tremendous athletes of Shawnee Mission West. The baseball team at Shawnee Mission West has produced 85 players who have gone on to play at the next level and some even have continued on to play for the MLB. 

The hard work of raising money with Fundraising U seems to be paying off! We are proud to help a program raise the funds to afford the equipment, tournament fees, uniforms, and updated facilities they needed to help develop their team.

Blitz Night with Shawnee Mission West Baseball 

At Shawnee Mission West, Blitz night is extremely important to the success of their fundraising process. Here’s what they have to say about it: 

“So this is our twelfth year with Fundraising University, doing our baseball fundraiser in the Spring. Over those twelve years, we’ve raised in excess of over $150,000. Tonight with over 37 kids, we were able to sell over 1,000 cards on the nose and make $13,000 for our program. This has been great because it has offered us the ability to purchase new uniforms, purchase equipment for our field, and pay for their meals when we go on the road. 

And the great thing about it is Mike Bahun and Fundraising U make everything seamless. It’s very easy, they sit down with you, they put a game plan together, they ask you what type of goals do you have, how much money do you really want to raise, what do you want to spend your funds on. So when they sit down with you, they will devise this plan where you have a first checkpoint where you try to hit a certain number, a second checkpoint where you want to get a number. When you go out on your Blitz, we went out tonight from 4-7 where you can really hit the mark. And our goal this year was $13,000. Which were 1,000 cards. So before we went out tonight, we were 810 sold, before we even went out on the Blitz. So our guys did a tremendous job. And I can’t tell you for 37 kids to sell 1,000 cards and make $13,000, if you’re a coach and you have a team that has four teams, then there’s just an incredible amount of money you can make for your program to spend any way that you really want.”

How Blitz Night Helped the Vikings Buy New Equipment

The Blitz night is the final push for the players to make enough money for their new equipment. The Shawnee Mission Vikings use that money for a lot of things like equipment, uniforms, travel costs, tournament fees, and a lot more. Here’s what one coach had to say about it: 

“The fundraiser’s been great for us for a number of years. This is my 13th year with the program. We’ve used Fundraising U for, I can’t even remember how many years, but things that we’ve been able to buy throughout the years [are] uniforms, all the equipment that we need we’ve been able to update throughout the years, new L screens, new pitching machines, and just great equipment and gear for the kids. They’re one of the sharpest-looking teams out there. And they work hard for that stuff and they know that. So they really enjoy being able to look good and be one of the better-looking teams out there on the field. It leads to us playing better so it’s one of the benefits of doing this kind of fundraiser and having the kids earn that stuff is a great thing for us.”

How Fundraising U Can Help Your High School Sports Team

This is just one example of what Fundraising U can do for your high school team. If you are a coach of a volleyball team, baseball team, softball team, basketball team, debate team, or student council; work with Fundraising University. We ensure that your program will meet its financial goals for its season. If you are interested in what Fundraising U can do for you, contact us today to get started!

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