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What Could Your Team Do
With Extra Cash?

What Could Your Team Do With Extra Cash?

  • Buy New Equipment & Perform at Higher Levels

    Finally afford to buy that updated equipment that will enhance your team's ability to win and beat your rivals.

  • Travel & Compete in Out of Town tournaments

    Don't worry about having the funds to pay for travel and out of town expenses. Our fundraisers are designed to help you pay for every need.

  • Pay For Meals and More

    Meals get expensive, we know. That's why we work to put more money in your pocket to pay for an entire season's worth of food for your team.

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We've perfected our system over the past few years to give you a streamlined fundraising program that is guaranteed to raise more money in less time. No more praying and hoping you can afford new equipment or go to that out of state tournament. With Fundraising U, we'll get you to your goal.

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We come to you, in person. We aren't a hands-off company who expects you to do the heavy lifting. We get boots on the ground in the form of an expert Fundraising Coach that will be there to lead your fundraiser. Our Fundraising Coaches are fundraising machines and know how to get the job done at every level.

See how extra funds can help your team reach their dreams

Many programs are held back by what they can and can't afford. What if you had an extra few thousand in the bank? What would that do for your program? With Fundraising U, we are in the business of seeing your team's dreams come true.


High School Sports Fundraising

Athletic programs in high schools are most often known for their basketball, football, baseball, volleyball teams. However, many school’s athletic programs may also include wrestling, golf, track and field, cheer and dance, swimming, water polo, and more. The upkeep of these athletic programs can be quite a financial burden without reliable sports team fundraising.

In many cases, every team sport is expected to fundraise on its own, creating an overlap of community need. If your team is struggling with standing out from the crowd, let Fundraising University help. Our specialists, called Fundraising Coaches, take their own experience and their vendor network to provide you with the tools and resources to make this a fundraiser the community won’t forget.

Our students have the world at their fingertips with their smartphones and social media. Therefore, fundraising shouldn’t require the same old door to door sales or parking lot car washes. There are far more efficient ways to raise money and involve the community in the process. Sporting events have long been a gathering point for communities over the centuries. Supporting athletes and teams in their play is how most communities connect to their neighbors.

How It Works with Fundraising University

Our teams have studied statistics and honed in on efficient systems, all while carving out a valuable network of resources to share with your teams. When you begin your fundraising journey with us, you’ll be matched to a Fundraising Coach who will be with you every step of the way. From teaching your team the tactics and techniques of efficient selling to delivering products and incentives, your Coach won’t let you down.

Set Your Goals

Involve your team in the goal setting process. Let them see the costs of the events they participate in so that they’ll feel that much more accomplished when they put the work in. When figuring out your outside goals, remember to consider training camps, travel for away games, new uniforms or equipment, and other costs associated with that sport.

Work Out Your Strategy

Along with your Fundraising Coach, decide on the best resources for the task ahead of you. What items are your community most likely to buy and least likely to deny? The season may have an impact on your sales as well. Your Coach will have valuable insight on this process, but it’s up to you and your team to figure out what the best options are for your fundraiser.

Follow the Leader 

Working alongside your students instead of at the head of the pack will show them your dedication to the cause. Your Fundraising Coach will lead your athletes in learning sales processes and the logistics of a fundraiser. They’re going to be there to help your team from the first day of the goal-setting process to the last day of delivery and beyond. Your student’s success is the key to our own.

Repeat Your Results

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t make at least what you made last year, the services are on us. We are so confident about your fundraiser’s success that we can promise that you’ll make more with our Coaches than your previous year of fundraising. Our systems are dialed in and so efficient, that our Coaches will provide the best training for your student-athletes. We have no doubts that we can help you exceed your goals year after year.

Fundraising University

With Fundraising University, no part of your fundraising journey is yours to bear alone. We’re here to help you succeed and achieve victory. Contact us today to discuss the needs of your team and your community. Let’s set a new standard for fundraising in your school and build a fundraiser community that members look forward to. Together, we can make dreams come true and grow our community, as well as our students into healthier versions of themselves and keep making the world a better place.

Don’t let a financial burden be why you don’t get to train the next Olympic athlete or take your team to the next championship game. With Fundraising University, you have the chance to change lives, whatever sport they excel at.

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