The One Trick This PTA Mom Used to Double Her Son’s Fundraiser


We’ve helped hundreds of organizations, coaches, moms, and teachers raise over $55 Million dollars over the last 8 years. After looking back on all of these fundraisers we realized there was one common theme to running not only a successful fundraiser but one that crushed our client’s goals.

Starting a fundraiser is exciting, you get to help raise money for your cause and bring that dream to life. Whether it’s buying supplies, funding a trip, supplying equipment, or any other goal, reaching it is an amazing feeling.

We love to see the accomplishments of all our clients. That’s why we want to continue to help more moms like you succeed in your next fundraising adventure.

Luckily, we found that you don’t have to be an expert to fundraise successfully. The downfall of many fundraising campaigns and the secret ingredient that a lot of PTA mom’s are missing is this:

Pick a product that people truly want to buy. You can have the best fundraiser in the world but if you fail to sell a good product, you will be doomed.

Last year, we had a client (let’s call her Stacy) approach us out of desperation because her fundraiser had failed. Stacy’s PTA program had planned everything, crossed their t’s and dotted their i’s, but still ended up well short of their goal. There were other glaring deficiencies in the program (this is covered in our eBook), but the main thing lacking was a good product.

What constitutes a good product?

Well, what do people want? What is valuable to them? If you can sell something that people extract true value from, you’ll have them coming to you rather than you having to beg them to buy. Ever wonder why the Girl Scouts do so well? They have cookies that everyone wants! Their product is genius. They don’t have to rely on cute faces and guilting people into donating – people buy because they truly want the cookies.

After Stacy began selling a valuable product, they literally doubled their fundraising output! We were able to do some other things for them as well that helped in the process, but what a difference this made.

We cannot stress the importance of the product enough, but we would be underdelivering if we didn’t tell you that there are many other factors at play than just the product. What factors? Well, we’ve designed a special eBook for you to run the best fundraiser of your life. The steps and clues in this eBook come from close to 10 years of experience and over $55 million raised. Simply put, these strategies work.

We are giving the $12.95 – “10 Steps to a No-Fail Fundraiser” away for FREE, and you can download it here. This won’t be free forever though.

Never stress about another fundraiser.

Get our FREE “10 Steps to a No-Fail Fundraiser” and get 5X the output out of each one of your kids.


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