Win a FREE $122 Kitchen Kit

A gift from us to you.

As a valued Fundraising U. client, we wanted to thank you for
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Winner will be announced in an upcoming email. Winner will receive all item listed on this page.

Items included in gift box:

  • Copper Mixing Bowl

    Includes (1) Copper Mixing Bowl

  • Copper 3-in-1 Straining Ladle

    Includes (1) Ladle

  • Copper Handled Balloon Whisk

    Includes (1) Whisk

  • All Purpose Copper Tongs

    Includes Set of (2)

  • Flexible Chopping Mats

    Includes Set of (4)

  • Stainless Steel Pineapple Slicer

    Includes (1) Slicer

  • Micro Mama Microwave Cleaner

    Includes (1) Cleaner

  • Egg Separator

    Includes (1) Separator

A $122 Value!