Fundraising University: Compete, Have Fun, and Win

High school sports are something every player should be able to enjoy. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to pay for tournament fees, uniforms, equipment, or whatever else a team may need to both look and play their best. Coaches and teams often look to fundraising to help pay for these necessities and there are many options available for high school fundraisers,  including:

  • Car Wash
  • Bake Sale
  • Coupon Books
  • Flower Sales
  • Chocolate Bar Sales
  • Magazine Subscriptions 
  • 5K’s
  • Sing-a-grams
  • Popcorn sales
  • Catalog
  • Donations
  • Carnivals
  • Raffle Tickets
  • Auctions
  • And so many more…

Not only is it hard to decide what high school fundraiser will make the most money, but it can be very straining on coaches and players to practice and keep up with fundraising themselves. 

Luckily, there’s Fundraising University. Fundraising University is not your average car wash fundraiser. At Fundraising University, fundraising is made competitive and fun for players and coaches. Fundraising through Fund U is designed to be your high school team’s most profitable fundraiser. Our proven process will help you to reach your team’s financial goal. 

What Separates Fundraising University from Regular Fundraising?

Every athlete has been there. A car wash to help your team go to the state tournament. Selling candy bars so that your team can get new uniforms. An all day cookout.  It is hard to have the excitement and passion for your typical sports fundraisers like that. At Fundraising University, fundraising is made competitive and fun amongst the team. Teams are split up and compete against each other to earn rewards, incentives, and even cash prizes. Fundraising U ensures that players are excited about helping their team make money. 

Fundraising University also sets goals and checkpoints for the team. The first group of teammates to reach each checkpoint receives prizes. The fundraising keeps going until the team has reached or exceeded their goal. Each checkpoint made means that the team is closer to new uniforms, new equipment, travel games or whatever else they may need. Players put in enough hard work on the field, let Fundraising U do the hard work off of the field. 

The Blitz

The final push for a team’s fundraiser is arguably the most important. At Fundraising University, the Blitz is a final push by the players of a team to go out there and sell. They need to be pumped up and ecstatic about their final chance to get some new equipment! The Blitz is where prizes should mean the most. The student athletes are getting closer and closer to their goal. They deserve to be rewarded and that is exactly what Fundraising University will do. Not only will students win prizes during the Blitz, they will also be earning money for the team. That money contributes to the funds needed for the high school team’s entire year! 

The best part about the Blitz is that it happens annually. There is always another chance the following year to help your team compete, win prizes, and earn money. The more years a team works with Fundraising U, the more likely they are to have one of the best fundraising seasons around. When players look and feel their best, they carry that onto the field, court, or any other playing format. A team will have the proper funding to be a top-notch program in no time with the help of Fundraising University. 

How it Works

Fundraising University will briefly meet with coaches or instructors to establish goals, necessities, and the overall fundraising process. This should take no more than 20 minutes. The next step is where the fun begins! Players participate in a draft where they are divided into teams to compete against one another for fundraising goals. Players earn prizes and incentives for selling and making money for the team. Fundraising University also has a mobile app which allows players to accept mobile payments anywhere on the go. Your team will also receive their own personalized coach to help with the process. Fundraising University is here to assist with the fundraiser while letting players play and coaches coach. 

Let Fundraising U Fund You

The ultimate goal of fundraising high school sports is to let players play while looking and feeling their best. Fundraising University is here to give every team that opportunity. The players earn their funds through a competitive, fun, and easy fundraising experience. Many student athletes work hard for their team and in the classroom. Fundraising University is here to ensure that is all they have to worry about. Fundraising U will focus on fundraising, coaches will focus on coaching, and student athletes will focus on the competition. If your team needs help covering the costs of high school sports, Fundraising University is here to help. Be immune to budget cuts for your program!

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