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The Time is Now

As the pandemic progresses, we continue to see massive corporate layoffs with millions unemployed. With zero job and income security, 40+ aged workers are getting hit the hardest.

Against this backdrop, more and more people are looking at life (at 40+) as a time to explore new opportunities — to embark on “encore” or second careers that are as much about doing good as they are about making a living.

If you’d like to leverage the professional and interpersonal skills you’ve gained during your first career to help others during your “next stage,” business ownership may a great option to consider – it can offer you life/ work flexibility, income security, and the chance to make a meaningful impact.


About Faizun Kamal

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  Fortune 15 Executive

  Top 100 Influential Women in Franchising

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Faizun Kamal is an award-winning franchise coach, nationally renowned public speaker, and best-selling author of “The Right Franchise for You” The Right Franchise for You: Escape the 9 to 5, Generate Wealth, & Live Life on Your Terms”.

Her unique style of inspirational coaching coupled with swift doses of tough love encourages clients to embrace chaos, fear, insecurity and uncertainty as doorways of opportunity. She has helped countless individuals find their perfect fit franchise based on individualized assessments of their personal, lifestyle and income goals. She guides clients to proactively move beyond career burnout to build a sustainable career that they love!

Faizun’s drive to create significant life changes through entrepreneurship stems from her own personal experience as a corporate refugee. As an executive in the high-stakes, high-stress world of corporate America, she found herself living an increasingly unhealthy, unbalanced life with little time for family. In 2015, after almost a decade in corporate America, she got her break by getting laid off. Instead of immediately jumping back, Faizun began a deeply introspective journey to intentionally redesign her career, and her life. 


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About the Book:

Is there really an alternative to the high-stakes, high-stress, rat race of corporate America? 

Opting out of this race entirely, many are choosing to go a different route. Owning a franchise is a great option for professionals who are finally ready to stop making a living and start designing a life. Franchise ownership provides a path to create a life of financial security without the lifestyle that traditional jobs demand.

Let Faizun Kamal, renowned franchise coach and former corporate executive, guide you through her proven process of researching and buying your future franchise. This will exponentially increase your probability of success! If you’re serious about finding a better career path, then by the end of The Right Franchise for You you will:

    • Learn the proven process to find the best franchise for you
    • Uncover the pitfalls to avoid making a costly mistake
    • Determine the best way to fund your franchise
    • Discover the key to making your franchise search a successful one

    Don’t wait! Get started on a path to a fulfilling and lucrative career as a franchise owner. Create your life of profit, purpose, and passion!

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    In this free master class, Faizun Kamal will teach you everything you need to know to get started in franchising. If you've ever thought about it before, now is the time to take action!

    April 27th, 6:00pm EST

    Faizun Kamal has been featured in: