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What Could Your Team Do
With Extra Cash?

What Could Your Team Do With Extra Cash?

  • Buy New Equipment & Perform at Higher Levels

    Finally afford to buy that updated equipment that will enhance your team's ability to win and beat your rivals.

  • Travel & Compete in Out of Town tournaments

    Don't worry about having the funds to pay for travel and out of town expenses. Our fundraisers are designed to help you pay for every need.

  • Pay For Meals and More

    Meals get expensive, we know. That's why we work to put more money in your pocket to pay for an entire season's worth of food for your team.

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Focus on winning and player development while your fundraising coach leads the fundraiser.


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Enjoy what happens when you have an excess of funds to spend on equipment, travel, and more...

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Raise the mOst Money in the Shortest Time

We've perfected our system over the past few years to give you a streamlined fundraising program that is guaranteed to raise more money in less time. No more praying and hoping you can afford new equipment or go to that out of state tournament. With Fundraising U, we'll get you to your goal.

Sit Back and Let Our Fundraising Experts Lead Your Fundraiser

We come to you, in person. We aren't a hands-off company who expects you to do the heavy lifting. We get boots on the ground in the form of an expert Fundraising Coach that will be there to lead your fundraiser. Our Fundraising Coaches are fundraising machines and know how to get the job done at every level.

See how extra funds can help your team reach their dreams

Many programs are held back by what they can and can't afford. What if you had an extra few thousand in the bank? What would that do for your program? With Fundraising U, we are in the business of seeing your team's dreams come true.


Fundraising for Cheer and Dance

A Homecoming Football game wouldn’t be the same without the cheer and dance squad getting the stands riled up and sounding off to support the team. Not to mention, the costly competitions and costuming required of your dance and cheer teams. Keeping those flyers in tip-top shape and the squad’s uniforms modern and attractive doesn’t come cheap. Unfortunately, for so many talented dancers and cheerleaders in the making, the cost of being on the team can be problematic without fundraising help.

Dance and Cheerleading Fundraisers with Fundraising University

Our team has researched different fundraising techniques and methods, partnered with various vendors, and discovered some of the most foolproof formulas for fundraising ever. Our students have the world at their fingertips with their smartphones and social media accounts, so why shouldn’t we put these tools to work? While we may still sell with the tried and true fundraising classics, there’s no reason for our sales methods to be stuck in the dark ages.

How It Works

Our process leaves your cheer and dance team fully supported and confident in their ability to exceed their goals. With incentives that your athletes want to work toward, the fundraising programs we’ve devised will bring results you never would have thought possible in the past.

Set Your Goals for a Cheer & Dance Fundraiser

Start your fundraiser process by setting goals, talk with your team what you want to accomplish this season, and how much that will cost. Discuss your priorities as a team and how much you need to raise for various items on your list. Involving students in the goal-setting process allows them to have a more hands-on approach to setting goals. That kind of involvement will keep them engaged for the whole fundraising process.

Plan Your Strategy

Work side-by-side with your Fundraising Coach to discover the best fundraising option for the season, the community, and the students. Whatever fundraisers you choose to engage in, your community will come to expect it year after year. Keeping this in mind will make all of the difference. Community involvement is one of the best parts of high school athletics. Your Fundraising Coach will teach your athletes sales tactics that they can take beyond school and into the workforce after graduation.

Let Your Coach Lead Your Team

Your job is to guide and choreograph your athletes, let the Fundraising Coach take care of keeping your team in the game with the fundraising. With your support and consistency, your team will be able to surpass their goals with ease. Let the Fundraising Coach teach them how to deal with the logistics, so you can teach them how to cheer and dance.

Repeat Your Success Year After Year

Once you see the results of your first year with Fundraising University, you’ll never want to go back to the old days again. There’s a reason that businesses are all going digital. There are systems in place that work for fundraising in this technological age. You’re guaranteed to get more this year with Fundraising University than you did last year, or we’ll give you your money back.

More Funds, Less Time

We’ve put in countless hours to perfect our methods so you don’t have to. Our fundraising formula isn’t just efficient, it’s also comfortable and reliable. With proven sales techniques and marketing methods, your students will be able to get their fundraiser in front of more people in less time than ever before.

Contact us today to discuss the needs of your team and your community. We are eager to celebrate your team’s success and see your athletes thrive with the financial backing and support that they need. Your athlete’s success is what brings us victory. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Fundraising University leaves traditional fundraising techniques in the dust while sticking with classic products like gourmet cookie dough and discount cards, while expanding to other sales items. When a method of fundraising works, it’s best not to reinvent it. However, there’s no harm in working on it’s efficiency.

Building systems around a solid base is how Fundraising University streamlines the process to keep your students focused on the end goal. They have the opportunity to earn real incentives that are of value to them, all while providing their customers with products they look forward to purchasing year after year.

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