Elevate Your Team and Your Game

After covid-19 basketball athletic departments are underfunded. To counteract this, Fundraising University is teaching communities how to raise money.

High School Sports Funding, Post Pandemic

a girl holding a go 11 banner and a boy holding a microphone

High School sports took a hit during COVID-19. Now High School Sports are back and with life being different post-pandemic, high school sports funding programs need to adapt.

New School Year, New ‘Sports’ Year

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With school just around the corner, make sure your team is prepared financially before it sneaks up on you. Contact Fundraising University to assist your team this upcoming season!

The Importance of High School Fundraising

a football coach explaining to his team

High School Fundraising is essential for young athletes to develop variety of valuable skills. So if you’re a high school or AAU coach, let us help you get the burden of fundraising off of your back so you can focus on your team and the season ahead.

Football Season at Fundraising University

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Make sure your football team is ready for their season, make sure you have the necessary funds to help them succeed. Read more to learn how Fundraising University can help you.